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Welcome to my personal website!

I am Dr. Alireza Peyman, Ophthalmologist, fellowship of cornea and anterior segment, assistant professor and fulltime faculty member in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

In this website, you could download my software, PowerPoint slides, and much useful information about ophthalmology.

Use links to download softwares: Professional Ophthalmology Calculator for advanced IOL power calculation with new generation formulae and optimized constants, VectorAnalyzer for analysis of vectors of astigmatic change, and other products from my old website (near Snellen chart and Amsler grid for print, a Hess Lancaster strabismus test, Worth-four dot test, on-screen visual field test, strabismus simulator, and ophthalmology history and examination form).

To Apply for fellowship in cornea & anterior segment:

Search the ICO Fellowship Host Directory: ISFAHAN or Peyman



Search the IOFF-Subspecialty Fellowship Host Network: ISFAHAN or Peyman

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